VerCors Example Database

A list of example programs and case studies verified by the VerCors verification toolset

About VerCors

VerCors is a toolset for practical mechanised verification of parallel and concurrent software under different concurrency models, notably heterogeneous and homogeneous threading. VerCors has verification support for multiple languages with concurrency features, such as Java, OpenCL (i.e. GPU kernels and atomics), and OpenMP for C (i.e. compiler directives). VerCors uses separation logic with permission accounting as its logical foundation.

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The source code of VerCors is publicly available and can be downloaded from Github. Installation instructions and example verification cases are also provided. VerCors has been tested on Linux, MacOS X, and on Windows (via Cygwin). Limited documentation of the annotation language is provided at the Github Wiki.

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For questions and (technical) support, email to "w.h.m.oortwijn at utwente dot nl". Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted via the issue tracker on Github. A complete list of papers related to the VerCors project is given here.

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Example database

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IDTitleVerification featuresExample sourceLanguageMore information
1772Iteration contractsJavamore info
44Annotating function declarations in COpenMP for Cmore info
32Array clearing (succeeding)Arrays, Iteration contractsJavamore info
42Array clearing in C (succeeding)Arrays, Iteration contractsOpenMP for Cmore info
41Array clearing kernelArrays, GPU KernelsPVLmore info
88Array propertiesArrays, SequencesPVLmore info
2Array zippingArrays, Iteration contracts, Loop parallelisationsJavamore info
17Atomic read/write witnessesAtomics, WitnessesJavamore info
6Backward dependencies (error 1)Arrays, Iteration contracts, Loop parallelisationsOpenMP for Cmore info
115Barrier with atomicsArrays, Atomics, Barriers, Loop parallelisations, Quantified permissions, Statically-scoped locking, Statically-scoped parallelismPVLmore info
7Basic C exampleArrays, Iteration contracts, Loop parallelisations, MatricesOpenMP for Cmore info
30Basic contractsOpenMP for Cmore info
116Block parallelismIteration contracts, Loop parallelisations, Statically-scoped parallelismPVLmore info
179ColoredTilesArrays, Iteration contracts, Loop invariants, Quantified permissions, SequencesVerifyThis competition 2018PVLmore info
56Counting testArrays, Sequences, Summation patternsJavamore info
18Deposit/withdraw lockAtomics, Locking, WitnessesJavamore info
48Domain of floatsFloats, SequencesSilvermore info
49Domain of listsListsSilvermore info
50Domain of option typesOption typesSilvermore info
89ExponentialsJavamore info